Public speaking & interviews
The things I have learned through my work I share via various channels including interviews, expert commentaries, speaking at conferences and lecturing. I love to inspire people and have an open conversation with them.

I have been interviewed by Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur journalists, invited to speak at SWITCH! conference, LCC private university, ZIP FM radio station and many more places.

I am happily available for speaking at your event or being interviewed. Please reach out to me and I will get back to you about my availability for a certain date.
Marketing & Communications
How to work with media, get publicity, Marketing 101, social media management, story-telling.

Leadership in the digital age
How to become the influencer of your industry, present yourself better in this competitive job market, manage your online identity

How to start your own business, networking tips, Baltic region startup ecosystem.

Women in tech/job market
Benefits of tech background (I have BSc of Physics), women support for each other.